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SAGESofBG is a group of seniors 50+ which started in 2017. Initially most members were from the greater Buffalo Grove, IL area. But membership has expanded to other states including TX, AZ, TN and NY. We also have an international member from Toronto, Canada as well.

At the onset we met in person twice monthly to discuss issues and share information and knowledge about retirement, listen to interesting speakers, plan social gatherings and volunteer events, etc. We also frequently met for social and volunteer events. Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to offer our meetings and refreshments to all seniors free.

In-person meetings were suspended after March 12th, 2020 when we were required to shelter in place by our Governor. On March 15th, we started publishing information and updates about COVID-19 on our website blog. We also highlight activities and events, local civic and governmental resources and happenings, offer music and funny videos to make all visitors laugh. Important announcements are shared.

In April the group started meeting on  Thursdays at 10:00 AM for weekly Zoom meetings. We have discussions, presentations and guest speakers. Attendance is generally around 30 SAGES. Since August 2021 we meet on the first and third Thursdays in anticipation of going back to face-to-face (or hybrid) meetings based on our original schedule.

Please use the Contact Form below to request a link or more information. Or call us at 847.634.6535. We'd love to hear from you!

Michael and Judy Yublosky


"1968 - Those Were The Days"

is an interactive Zoom presentation that is available to groups of seniors with no fees. 

Judy and Michael share notable events, headlines, music and film clips, personalities, pictures, interesting statistics and more from the year 1968. Monthly highlights and seldom seen videos from every quarter of the year are featured. Attendees' memories are even tested with some trivia questions!

Our goal is to spark memories as well as to get attendees to recall, talk and share their own memories.

Click here to watch the trailer.

If you are interested in scheduling this Zoom presentation for your group, please use the Contact Form below or call us at 847.634.6535.

“Those were the days" was so enjoyable, memorable and thought provoking to me and I would believe many of the others on the call. Everything from the historical clips to the music of the year brought back memories of things long forgotton or etched into my mind on several perspectives…For me, it set the tone for the rest of the day in a very positive way. Thank you again!

Bobbie W.

I also applaud the great deal of effort that went into identifying and sorting through and prioritizing the events of that year, organizing them in sequence, and then delivering the material in a seamless and brisk narrative throughout. You benefited everyone...It’s shared by many that 1968 was a consequential year in American history, which deservedly influenced your choice of focus for Thursday’s session.

Jeff K.


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