Jeopardy Like 60s and 70s Trivia Games

Played as individuals or in teams.


Judy and I have produced and facilitated many 60s and 70s trivia games based on the Jeopardy format. These can be played online or in person for senior adult groups.

We make the event more enjoyable for everyone with a simple variation. Participants rotate one question at a time instead of a person continuing as long as they correctly answer a question.

Individuals play against each other on a rotational basis for small groups.

In larger groups we randomly assign individuals to teams which are rotated. Team members rotate so that each gets a chance to select topics and amounts.

Team members can discuss options and the person who selected the topic has the final decision.

A person selects a topic and amount. A correct answer is awarded the amount selected in the on-screen scoreboard. We generally do not subtract for an incorrect answer.

We can customize the game to fit your audience.

Small prizes are optional and you can provide or we can.

See the clip below for a sample 60s trivia game. Notice the interaction among all participants and Judy as the facilitator!

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