Artificial Intelligence

AI is a tool, like a hammer. You can use it to
pound a nail and join two pieces of wood,
or to destroy fine china. We favor the former

Artificial Intelligence platforms are great
tools when used correctly by individuals
or to grow small businesses or
to help executive job seekers enhance
their job search.

Watch the video below for an
introduction and basic definition
of what an AI Chatbot is.

(J.G.) You were an immense help. You saved me time, and time is money.

(Michael) Well, you think this would be useful for other small businesses?

(J.G.) Well, I mean, so useful. I mean, their time is as valuable as mine is. And when you can do things faster and get the right answers, I mean, I could never get some of these answers.


I had to pay, you know, I didn't do it too often because they don't give the right advice, but I had to pay some of these services to ask them questions about how do I contact this person.

And invariably what they gave me didn't work. It doesn't mean all of these are going to work, but I think most of them will.

...So it's so helpful. Thanks so much.


(Aug. 3`1, 2023)

General Usage

  • Answer Questions, Check Facts, Make Suggestions
  • Generate custom artwork, songs, videos, etc.
  • Recommend Programs, Applications, Explain Complex Topics
  • Make Lists, How To's
  • Write Emails, Letters, Stories, Papers, Presentations, Jokes
  • Compose Music, Poems, Rhymes, Haikus
  • Plan Trips, Sightseeing, Analyze Dreams, Eulogies
  • Suggest or Make Recipes
  • Translate Languages,
  • Shopping Comparisons
  • Summarize Articles, Books, Movies, etc.
  • Chat about anything on your mind


  • Blog Articles, Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Mission Statement, Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Press Release, Slogans
  • Job Descriptions
  • Write Code

Executive Job Search

  • Custom Resumes, Cover Letters,
  • Analyze Job Descriptions Mission Statements
  • Search Websites for Keywords


Learn More

We do personal one-on-one training for:

  • individuals who want to learn more about AI,
  • small business owners, solopreneurs, professionals, trades, etc. who want to save time and money to grow their businesses, as well as 
  • executive job seekers to enhance their job search.


Our group Zoom classes on Artificial Intelligence are available for your business group, library, park district, senior center, senior group or club, etc.

If you are interested in serious results using AI, we invite you to check out our event schedule for upcoming online Zoom classes. Register for these small, interactive events on Eventbrite. There are small fees to attend for some events - but it's worth your investment, guaranteed - orthers are free introductory classes!

Artificial Intelligence for Older Adults | March 7, 2024

Artificial Intelligence for Older Adults | March 7, 2024

Judy and I were joined by a panel of six fellow senior adults from Senior Planet from AARP on Steve Gurney's Positive Aging Community program on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Watch the video of that program below.

You can also download the supplemental PDF Steve Gurney Artificial Intelligence Resources & Guidelines 3-7-24. It contains a list of AI text generators we use, AI artwork generators we use, as well as more practical applications for individuals and businesses and some caution flags and safety recommendations.


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