It's All About Pay Back and Being of Benefit to Others!


A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. is a family owned and operated U.S. based small business.

Judy is our corporate president and inspirational leader.

Michael is the Yang to her Yin.

The Beginning of Being of Service to Others

We started as a sole proprietorship while sitting around a kitchen table.  Our corporate name was formulated at the same kitchen table. Today many operating decisions continue to be made in that same setting.

From day one, our company mission has been to serve you, our customers, on a one-to-one basis while following the golden rule. Our philosophy has always been to give you what you want and to deliver more than what is expected. We try to go out of our way to ensure you are happy. Lasting friendships have  grown from our philosophy, others have been enhanced through them.

We have served some of you through  parties, events and celebrations and others via website launches, internet and LinkedIn marketing and consulting

Both Judy and Michael have presented seminars and workshops throughout the metropolitan area for libraries and other business groups. 

Judy was listed in “Best of the Best” for the Northwest (Chicago) Suburban Library System for her presentation on gift baskets and theme centerpieces. Her HOW-TO video has been a local cable television staple and can be loaned at an area library.

Michael spent several years doing library presentations, volunteering for executive job placement services as well as SCORE (formerly Service Corp of Retired Executives) Chicago where he did business and LinkedIn presentations.

Both of us have been using personal computers and the internet since the mid-1980's. We also have separately been educating and training adults for decades.

During COVID we migrated the local SAGESofBG seniors' group we founded in 2017 to Zoom meetings. By the end of the year we started producing entertainment programs such as “1968 – Those Were The Days”, trivia games on music, movies, events, etc., podcasts, as more.

We soon realized many Boomers and senior adults had a significant skills gap in using technology. Most things beyond making cellphone calls, emailing and using Facebook to


visit with grandchildren were like a foreign language.

They simply didn’t know what they didn't know!

Zoom Classes for Boomers and Senior Adult Organizations

So we now also offer online Zoom classes for senior adult groups, senior living facilities, senior centers, park districts and libraries. We help Boomers and senior adults address their technology challenges and questions so they can use technology more effectively and learn to enjoy its many benefits.

The class format is simple, we've been doing it since 2020. We serve up tips and shortcuts in many subject areas we have found senior adults are interested in.

We share relevant updates as well as address individual questions and challenges. We also make learning fun by stirring in a dose of humor!

Individual Training

From our experience we know senior adults learn at a different pace. So we offer individual training via Zoom that allows screen sharing and other interactive features and tools.

We help overcome challenges and allay fears by demonstrating and providing instructions. Through the wonders of screen sharing we then closely monitor their progress and make suggestions and recommendations as needed. This is our version of show, tell and do.

Both of us can break down the jargon, show relevancy and benefits, patiently offer practice and repetition, provide notes, cheat sheets and even videos.

You are invited to browse through our pages and let us know how we can be of help.


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