Technology Classes and Training For Seniors


Zoom Classes for Boomers and Senior Adult Groups as well as Individual Training

Popular Class Topics We Cover

  • Enhancing and organizing photos, downloading, renaming, backing up, etc.
  • Free programs and applications for computers and smartphones.
  • Free Google Workspace tools – photos, calendar, docs, presentation, sheets, forms, drive and more.

Super lecture…After hearing Judy say how great Google calendar is, I bravely installed the app on my phone and low and behold…..It worked!

Mary A. (7/13/22)

  • Using online programs such as CANVA (graphic arts – i.e.Zoom backgrounds), extracting backgrounds from images, etc.
  • Browsers and search engines - extensions and applications, bookmarking, security, etc.
  • Privacy and security tips for browsing on computers or smartphones, avoiding scams and phishing, verifying information, etc.
  • Gmail features and shortcuts, templates, changing signatures, automatically sending unwanted emails to spam, sending encrypted emails, etc.
  • Enhancing search results made simple using Boolean Search Operators.
  • YouTube - view and download video transcriptions, capture audio files, etc.
  • Using Zoom and its many features such as reactions, chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, annotations, etc.
  • General tips and hints on printers, cloud and other backup storage options, printers, green screens, ring fill lights, keyboard shortcuts and more.
  • Windows 10 - advanced search in Windows file explorer, automatically change to night mode, fix a slow running Windows 10 computer, delete startup programs in the background, two ways to take screen shots, search functions via file explorer, voice (speech) to text typing, moving the taskbar, etc.

Individual training

I think that the time that you spent helping me work through some of the problems I've been having with these programs and applications that I've put on my computer have been very good. You're succinct, you're direct, you're knowledgeable, and I appreciate the patience and in the face of just probably obvious frustration with my inability to grasp things because, you know, being so old. You exhibited patience that are beyond most people's endurance and I appreciate it. Thank you.
Ken C. (9/12/23)                                                       

Done via Zoom since Boomers and senior adults learn at a different pace than we used to when they we younger.

Using Zoom allows screen sharing and other features and tools. We instruct and then share screen to monitor progress while offering directions and suggestions (show, tell and do).

We break down jargon, show relevancy and benefits, patiently offer practice and repetition, provide notes, cheat sheets and even videos.

Safety and Privacy Tips for the Internet - Elderwerks April 9, 2024


Beyond CHATGPT: Explore the Expanse of Artificial Intelligence Resources - Elderwerks May 7, 2024


Free Smartphone Apps & Other Free Internet Resources - Elderwerks Sept. 14, 2022

Find Hidden Android Apps on Your Smart Phone

Speech to Text or Voice Typing On Windows 10 or 11

Master Your Digital Photo Collection - Organize, Enhance, Backup... June 4, 2024

We've also taught or presented at Senior Planet from AARP, GetSetUp, MeetUp, Eventbrite, SeniorServicesAlliance, and other groups and organizations including Arlington Heights (IL) Senior Center, CJE, Sons In Retirement (SIR) - San Mateo (CA) and SAGESofBG.

I spent a lot of time listening to you ever since I got on to WACI Mondays and...I've learned quite a bit and you guys have really helped a lot of people and you should be very proud of yourselves for having done that.

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