Playing Kahoot Games With Us & Eventbrite

We invite you to relax, have some fun and relive some memories with your hosts - Judy and Michael.

As a bonus - you can also socialize with other seniors during the meeting and perhaps make some new acquaintances.


You must have your video and audio to participate in the program. We here to socialize, not hide!

If you are unwilling to do so, please do not register. If you join and remain masked, we may remove you from the games.


A. There is a limit of 20 players under our current plan. Each player must register separately. Only one player is allowed per household unless they will access on two separate devices (see below). Each person must register individually if they wish to play the game(s).

B. BE ON TIME. We will lock down the meeting at 10 minutes after the start time to avoid disruptions. Do not share the link. If we have too many participants, any participants who are not registered may be removed from the game.

C. You can use two devices to play these Kahoot! games (or see questions and play on your smartphone) -

1. You do need a smartphone to select the answers to our questions. You can, if you wish, download the Kahoot app to your phone to play. Or you can play by going to when we are ready.

You will see a PIN number on the Zoom screen for each game. Enter the PIN number on your phone. You will be then asked to type in a name to identify yourself. When everyone is registered we will start the game.

Answers to questions appear as color-coded rectangles on your phone which correspond to the background colors on the screen.

To answer, tap the color that corresponds to the question shown on the Zoom screen (see video below).

2. Be careful selecting your answers. Once made, selections can not be changed.

Your score is determined by taping the correct answer on your phone's display AND the speed in which you answer.

Scores and the top winners are calculated by the Kahoot! computers. We have no control.

3. You need a second device signed in to our Zoom meeting to hear us and see the questions if you wish. That can either be a computer, a laptop or a tablet (i.e. ipad) BUT NOT a smartphone.

So now you can use the same smartphone to both see the questions and tap the answers.

NOTE: Feel free to check out yourself if you wish to learn more or to register and play your own games for FREE at the basic HOME level!

Need help? Contact us before the event at 847.634.6535.


Register at our our Eventbrite organizer page for current Trivia games or to be notified of dates of future events. 

Need help? Contact us at 8437.634.6535.