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Productivity Suites


LibreOffice (more current)

Programs to Record or Edit – Audio and/or Video Files

Audio Capture & Editing - Audacity

Video Editor – Kdenlive

Video Capture - Flashback

Photo Manipulation

Google Photos 

Snapseed (also check phone apps)




Public Domain Pictures


Envato Elements (photos, audio and video)

Free Sound Recordings

Clip Art Library

Archives of movies, songs, images and more that are no longer subject to copyright

National Archives Catalog

YouTube - Search for Copyright Free or Public Domain

Free blog sites, Websites and podcasts

WordPress - Websites and Blogs (recommended) 

Anchor - Podcasts 

Must pay for hosting - for WordPress

Weaver - Free WordPress Theme Many Options 

Visual Composer - Free WordPress Drag and Drop Editor 

Email Free Greeting Cards

123 Greetings 

Grammar and Spelling Check Program

Grammarly (Search in your Browser) 

Wordcloud Generator

Jason Davies 

Other (Misc.)

PDF Converter 

PDF Architect (rotate, move and delete pages, merge documents) 

Source Forge (Windows)

Source Forge (Mac) 

Notepad2 (at Source Forge) 

Email Signature Template Maker - Hubspot 

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Image Color Picker 

Blender - Create 3D Clips 

VLC Media Player