Mylar Papers and Mylar Paper Poofs

Mylar Papers and Mylar Paper Poofs

Mylar paper poofs are like flowers for your centerpiece. Each poof is typically made with two squares of metallic mylar paper. The papers are then attached to a pick which can be either metal or wood. The mylar papers are then opened up to resemble a flower and the pick is placed into your Styrofoam base to hide the mechanics of your centerpiece.

Colors choices vary for your mylar paper poofs. Frequently they carry through your theme colors of your party or event in addition to hiding the centerpiece construction. Poofs can even be made with two colors of metallic paper in the same poof.

Metallic paper reflects light and comes in deeper tones that tissue paper. Mylar paper is also stronger than tissue paper and can withstand the pressure of opening the poofs without tearing.

These mylar paper poofs can be used for any centerpiece and any occasion such as a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah, wedding parties and rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, sports banquets, etc.

How To Open a Metallic Poof



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