Kahoot Trivia Games

We're using Kahoot! to play trivia games with subjects seniors can relate to.

Kahoot! is an online interactive teaching and learning site. An extensive list of already developed subjects is available. (Or you can put together your own subject matter.)

You can play on a computer or on a smartphone.

Questions are asked and you select the correct answer from four available answers or true/false on the free version we're using. (Paid plans can add advanced questions such as - puzzle (arrange answers), polls, slides and type an answer.)

The Kahoot! computer determines whether you answer correctly or not and how fast you answered. Your score is tallied and compared against others in the same game. 

There are home, school, work and academy segments.

How Does One Play?

1. Host a live Kahoot game and invite family, friends or your grandchildren to play over Zoom. Participants need two devices - one to view the questions on a screen, the other to select their answers.

You do not need a Kahoot! account to be a participant in a game. Merely go to kahoot.it, enter a PIN number and a player name - you're ready to play.

 2. Play a challenge on your smartphone and compete against your peers!

To play our challenge, you must download the Kahoot app or start a free online account at kahoot.com. We will send you a challenge.

Play a video below for an example.

Kahoot Challenge Video

Kahoot Games Played With Others

Just Two of our Current Kahoot Games

Ronald Reagan Trivia by Judy
60's Movie Trivia for Seniors 60+

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  • Host a game for your family and friends.
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