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Mar 2023 ABnC Senior Adult Technology Newsletter (pdf)

 Judy and I started SAGESofBG (Senior Adults Growing and Exploring) in 2017.  I realized within a few short months that I frequently needed to fill the 'quiet' time during meetings after a speaker or the program finished but prior to a group of us going for lunch.

Attendees were always more interested in good news (or happy talk) than current events. This was especially true at the early onset of COVID before shelter-in-place was announced. 

I therefore came prepared with excerpt notes, or a spiral binder filled with good news from around the world for each meeting. It could be about recycling locations, shredding events, volunteer opportunities, efforts to combat climate change, happy videos or images, entertainment and events, etc. 

In March, 2020 we canceled in-person meetings. I began a daily blog to help us all through COVID. 'Good News' was part of almost every blog. I also added a 'Funny Video' as well as 'Today's Song'. It was an effort to bring some cheerfulness to the difficult times we were sharing.

The same format continues on the blog as of this writing. 

Now, we've expanded to regularly publishing a newsletter that compiles the best of the previous month's 'Good News'. Download a copy of the December, 2022 edition above and share with someone you love. 


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