Our flexible plastic tubes are very lightweight, and nearly indestructible. They make your centerpiece creation easy to handle and transport. Flexible plastic tubes are less expensive than rigid acrylic tubes or glass towers.  In addition, charges for shipping are also much lower.

You can use flexible plastic tubes to add height and color to your party centerpiece decorations.  They are hollow and can be filled with colored shred, lights, ribbons, wrapping paper, candy, etc. You can also use them to support a second tier of your centerpiece. They will support another Styrofoam® base and items you wish to attach to the base.

A little low temperature glue will attach the flexible plastic tubes to a base. Make sure you use a level to straighten both vertically and horizontally.

Flexible plastic tubes are available with 1-2/3″ diameter, which can be cut to any length up to 4 feet.

Tall Flexible Plastic Tube Centerpieces

You can also use wood as a base (as in the air filled balloon sample).

Flexible Plastic Tube Pricing ($3.00/ft)

How to Work with Flexible Plastic Tubes (Centerpieces)

Please call Judy at 847-634-6535 to order. Instead of a shopping cart, we want to make sure you only order what you need.

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