The Haymarket Riots (JCC Chicago and CJE )

Join historian Paula Fenza for a presentation on the Haymarket Riots. Using photos, newspaper articles, witness accounts, and songs; Paula will tell the story of this slice of Chicago history which occurred in 1886 when a labor protest rally near Chicago’s Haymarket Square clashed with police.

Paula Fenza is a retired anthropologist who has had a lifelong fascination with cemeteries.  She grew up in a house across the street from a cemetery where she, her mother, and her cat used to take walks.  Her mother told her stories about the people who were buried there, and her cat his behind the stones and leapt out at them as they passed.  Paula loves exploring historic cemeteries and researching the histories of the people who are buried there.

Various dates are available. Check available dates on registration page.

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Sep 13 2022


12:00 PM




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