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We Curate 'Good News' Stories

Good News Network (10/31/21) – Substantially More Monarch Butterflies Have Arrived in California to Overwinter Bringing Hope For Species

“We are overjoyed that migratory monarch butterflies have not disappeared from the western U.S.,” said Emma Pelton, a senior conservation biologist and western monarch lead for the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. “These early counts give us hope that, if we all work together, we can still bring western monarchs back.”

Anthropocene (7/6/21) – First of its kind study quantifies how tree shade can cancel urban heat island effect

The research suggests that shade from trees and carefully sited buildings could go a long way to mitigate the urban heat island effect, the tendency for cities to be several degrees hotter than surrounding areas due to the heat-absorbing effects of pavement and building materials.

MentalFloss (11/4/20) – “The 10 Happiest Songs, According to Science“.

Several years ago, UK-based electronica band Alba surveyed an unknown number of English and Irish citizens to find out which songs make them especially happy. After compiling a list of the most popular answers, the band sent it to Dutch neuroscientist Jacob Jolij and asked him to figure out why those songs were such effective mood-boosters.

Fast Company (5/15/20) – “These drones will plant 40,000 trees in a month. By 2028, they’ll have planted 1 billion“.

This week, on land north of Toronto that previously burned in a wildfire, drones are hovering over fields and firing seed pods into the ground, planting native pine and spruce trees to help restore habitat for birds. Flash Forest, the Canadian startup behind the project, plans to use its technology to plant 40,000 trees in the area this month. By the end of the year, as it expands to other regions, it will plant hundreds of thousands of trees. By 2028, the startup aims to have planted a full 1 billion trees.

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Let’s Please Stop Calling It Retirement!

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At the end of last month nextavenue® published an article entitled “Who the Happiest Retirees and Most Unhappy Retirees Are”. The author, Richard Eisenberg, summarized the results he found in interviewing the authors of two recent books. And the results are not just all about finances and money.

One very interesting viewpoint came out of the article which really struck home. It read “…retirement is now whatever way you define it — which could mean working part-time when you want, as much as you want, or volunteering or not working at all.”

Why call it retirement in the first place? The very word means “withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life” according to Mirriam Webster online.

Why not call it a new stage, another segment or phase, an encore act? Or even refer to it as pivoting or transitioning?

Much like the current ‘great resignation’ has also been referred to as a period of reshuffing and even rethinking. What about repurposing?

We Provide Jokes and Riddles

Cell Phone Cost
Answer: Cell phone cost = $105.00

Astronaut Riddle

Canary Island

Monkey Riddle
How Many Monkeys Do You See?

Monkey Riddle Answer
Answer: There are 14!

The Senility Prayer

Double Sinks

Memory Slippers

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