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Have More Fun Online, Be Safer and More Productive

Our mission is to help teach you how to use computers and the internet more effectively as well as to have more fun, be more active, engaged and productive.

We help business owners, solopreneurs, professionals, trades and executive job seekers use Artificial Intelligence platforms to save time and money as well as to enhance their productivity.

Or join us for an entertaining and fun-filled online 60's and 70's trivia event, musical entertainment, etc.

Why Do We Do This?

Judy and Michael firmly believe the internet holds an unlimited collection of knowledge and entertainment for you to discover, use and enjoy.

Think of the internet as the world’s most amazing electronic library.

Then think of us as reference librarians, there to help you safely and confidently explore all that this world-class library has to offer.

Technology training classes for senior adults, businesses, organizations as well as individual training.


Mastering Your Digital Memories – learn to organize, edit, enhance, save and share your digital photos.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) - for individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, trades, etc.

What's That Tune? Music Trivia for large online or in-person events combines 'Name That Tune' and 'Jeopardy' !


"1968 - Those Were The Days" - an entertaining trivia presentation touching on events, happenings, music and more

Jeopardy-like 60s & 70s trivia games played as individuals or teams. 

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These and other educational and entertaining programs are available for your business, libraries, park districts, senior centers, groups or clubs.

We provide these and other programs to enhance your marketing efforts to 'stay in touch' with prospects and clients as well as their families.


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