Classes for Seniors

Senior Adults Teaching Senior Adults How To Be More Effective With Computers, Smartphones and Online.

Our mission is to help teach baby boomers and senior adults how to use computers and the internet more effectively.

We help you make better use of your computers and the internet for fun, watching your grandchildren grow up, organizing your videos and photos, family Zoom get-togethers, education, research, general information, (good) news, productivity,  going back to work, etc.

We also offer entertaining and fun-filled online classes to senior living facilities, libraries, senior centers, park districts and groups. (See some examples below.)

Why Do We Do This?

We (Judy and Michael) firmly believe the internet holds an unlimited collection of knowledge and entertainment for Boomers and senior adults to discover and enjoy.

Think of the internet as the world’s most amazing electronic library.

Then think of us as reference librarians, there to help you safely and confidently explore all that this world-class library has to offer.

We're Senior Adults Teaching Senior Adults!

Technology training classes for senior adults and individual sessions. Tips and Hints, programs and apps, with Q&A.

"1968 - Those Were The Days" - an entertaining trivia presentation touching on events, happenings, music and more

GOOD News From Around The World with an added mixture of current events, humor and more.

60's and 70's Trivia - 'Name That Tune',  'Movie Trivia' and more!


Play our Trivia games using Smartphones via Kahoot.

Trivia games played as individuals or teams 'Jeopardy-Like'.

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