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I Found The Coolest Scratch Off DIY Table Place Cards

Thursday, December 24th, 2015
Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Courtesy of Something Turquoise

We found the coolest site to make unique custom made diy (do it yourself) place cards for your next party or event. Our friends at Something Turquoise give step-by-step instructions on how you can make a place card yourself.

These cards have a scratch off that reveals the table number where your guests will be seated.

How cool is that?

They even provide all the instructions necessary to make these adorable place cards. Their directions say to use the template they provide. You set up the name of the guest(s) near the top of the card paper and a one inch circle in the middle of the card.

Once printed, you will apply a scratch off circle on the printed one inch circle. These scratch off circles can be obtained at your local office supply store or on Amazon.

You print – “Scratch off” so you can find your table number – at the bottom of the card so your guests can determine where they are to sit.

After you print the set up sheet, cut out the separate place cards and punch a hole at the top of the card. Tie a string through the hole and attach a small washer (get at a hardware, home improvement or general store with a hardware department). The small washer is used by your guests to “scratch off” the circle so they can again find their table number.

This simple, unique place card is so versatile that it can be used for children and adults alike. It would be ideal for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, sports and corporate events, or any party where you will have assigned seating.

For other ideas about custom guest place cards (you do it or we do it for you), please visit our Custom Place Card page.



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Reasons Why I Feel Bar Mitzvah Thank Your Notes Are Needed

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Thank You NoteIt is true that gifts celebrating Bar Mitzvah and other events should not be given with the expectation of receiving a thank you in return. However a personalized thank you note is always very nice to receive. In our fast paced world thank you notes are often a very welcome surprise.

A written thank you note is a small token of appreciation for that wedding, shower, anniversary, Bar or Bat Mitzvah as well as a birthday gift. If a gift is sent, a thank you note also serves to notify the giver the gift was actually received.

I do not feel it is not old fashioned to send thank you notes. Rather I feel it is the proper thing to do.

It is only common courtesy to spend a few minutes and respond with a written thank you note. You should acknowledge a person who goes out of their way to pick out a gift they feel that the recipient will like and use. It is certainly not acceptable to wait to see if a check was received is by reviewing bank statement to show the check was deposited and cashed. (more…)

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Combination Custom Bar Mitzvah Party Place Card And CD Cases

Monday, January 26th, 2015
Custom Bat Mitzvah Place Cards

Custom Bat Mitzvah Place Cards

The plans and details for Sandy’s son’s Bar Mitzvah party at Ravinia Green (in Riverwoods, IL) were coming together nicely. It was now time to concentrate on the place cards for the guests. Sandy wanted something different to go along with the Wii game theme.

She also wanted to have something the kids could take home as a give-a-away and remembrance of the Bar Mitzvah party.

We both thought about what that something could be. We came up with an idea about a CD. The CD would have the same design as the Wii game to be used on the respective centerpieces and tables. Each guest would get a CD case with their name on it and the same game cover as the centerpiece of the table where they would be seated.

I designed the combination custom party place card and CD cases to have the guest’s name and the game name on the Wii game cover (see image). The name of the game would indicate the name of the table where the guest(s) would be seated.

The combination custom party place card and CD cases was a little tricky to design. The lettering was getting lost in the cover’s design. I experimented and found by changing the color of the ink or even making the letter color white changed the aesthetics of the custom party place card and CD cases. (more…)

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Day of Event Consultant Handles A Bar Mitzvah Party Disaster

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
Disaster Scene

A Different Disaster Scene

Even the best of Day of Event Consultants can have a bad party. Ask any Day of Event Consultant and they will immediately come up with a story you would not believe. This is one of those believe it or not type stories.

I was hired as a Day of Event Party Consultant for a Bar Mitzvah at Trackside (Trackside Arlington International) in Arlington Heights, Illinois. There were to be 150 kids at this party but Trackside did not request security guards. This should have been my first red flag warning of impending danger. The main function of security guards is to supervise the kids to make sure there are no problems. This is especially true when a large number of kids is expected.

The party began on a quite note. However this was merely the calm before the coming storm. Dinner went fine. However it seemed when dinner was complete it signaled the kids to start acting in a very disruptive manner. (more…)

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Day Of Event Coordinator For This Bar Mitzvah Saves The Day

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Challahs For Blessing Of The Bread

Challahs For Blessing Of The Bread

I first met Sandy when she visited our show room with a friend of hers. I was working with her friend on her son’s Bar Mitzvah party celebration.

Later it was Sandy’s turn to plan her son’s Bar Mitzvah to be held in Riverwoods, IL. She called and asked me if I was available for her date. I was and we met to talk about all the details.

Sandy ordered her invitations. We also planned the centerpieces, a sign in board and a special centerpiece for the place card table. Her mom works for a company and does all the day of event coordinating of parties for their special events. Sandy said her mom would be coordinating the day of the event for her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. She was very excited to do this as a special gift to her daughter and grandson.

About three weeks before the Bar Mitzvah Sandy’s mother became ill. She had to be admitted to the hospital. Sandy’s mom’s only concern was that she would not be able to fulfill her promise to oversee at her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. (more…)

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What A Day Of Wedding Or Other Event Consultant Does

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
Day Of Event Party Room Set Up

Day Of Event Party Room Set Up

You are considering whether you need a Day Of Event Consultant to help with your Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or other special event celebration. It will be a wise decision if you do.

Coordinators help you organize and then help carry out all your wishes for the day of your party. You won’t have to get involved in the minor details at your celebration. Thus you can relax and fully enjoy your guests and the occasion.

A Day of Event Consultant Is A Very Personalized Service.

Although I meet with the party host of the party several times, today I will focus on only our first meeting. Usually at the initial meeting we initially determine the approximate number of guests expected. (more…)

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Day Of Event Coordinators Help You Enjoy Your Special Party

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014
Day of Event Wedding Coordinator's Checklist

Day of Event Wedding Coordinator’s Checklist

We often get asked: “Should I have someone oversee my upcoming bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, retirement, birthday, etc. party ad act as a day of event coordinator?”

You have planned your special event for a long time, sometimes for several years. You should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Having to take care of little problems or mishaps can spoil what can otherwise be a wonderful experience. Hiring someone to take care of these little “situations” can ease your mind and create a more peaceful and serene day.

When an experienced professional coordinates the day of your party or event all the major and minor details should be properly handled. Judy meticulously addresses all large and small items on her checklist. She does so with the greatest amount of care, concern and professionalism. (more…)

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