18 to 24 Months Before Your Event

  • Receive date and estimate number of guests
  • Reserve party location – Ask Judy for a recommendation
  • Reserve DJ/Band – Ask Judy for a recommendation
  • Make an appointment with Judy to discuss details
  • Reserve Photographer and Videographer – Ask Judy for a recommendation

6 Months Before Your Event

  • Order invitations from Judy
  • Decide on theme and color scheme of party; meet with Judy to discuss centerpiece ideas
  • Think about gifts to give guests – Judy has a wide array of products to show you
  • Speak with florist about flowers for bemah – Ask Judy for a recommendation

3 Months Before Your Event

  • Pick up your invitations and other custom items
  • Have invitations addressed – Judy can “computer” calligraphy envelopes for you
  • Order gifts, party favors, prizes, etc. for guests from Judy
  • Start shopping for those “special” outfits and shoes

2 Months Before Your Event

  • Meet with facility event coordinator to discuss details – Judy can help!
  • Select hotel accommodations for out of town guests
  • Choose and make appointments with hairdresser, manicurist and makeup specialist

7 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Mail invitations

6 Weeks to 1 Month Before Your Event

  • Make a list of special musical selections for your DJ
  • Discuss preferences with photographer and videographer
  • Order gifts or gift baskets for out of town guests from Judy
  • Discuss with Judy options for Sign In Board or Book
  • Have final alterations done on those special outfits
  • Have a trial run with hair and makeup.

2 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Make seating arrangements
  • Give your final count of centerpieces to Judy
  • Design your special place card with Judy for computer calligraphy – or ask Judy for a recommendation for a person to do hand calligraphy
  • Prepare toasts and write speeches
  • Pick up outfit, do final fitting, and break in new shoes

1 Week Before Your Event

  • Give final count to facility event coordinator
  • Call DJ to confirm music selections and his role as MC
  • Confirm flower delivery
  • Give Judy layout of centerpiece placement
  • Call photographer and videographer to finalize instructions
  • Pick up place cards from Judy or calligrapher
  • *Only one week left. Remain calm and keep checking list items so everything goes smoothly!

1 Day Before Your Event

  • Alphabetize place cards, gather favors, prizes and deliver to function facility
  • Have checks ready to pay bills and tips for your special day
  • Deliver gifts (or have gift baskets delivered) to guest hotel rooms
  • As difficult as it may be, go to sleep early!

Your Big Day Is Finally Here!!!!

  • Relax in a warm bubble bath
  • Have your hair, makeup and nails done
  • Allow at least one hour to dress
  • Remember matches or lighter for candle lighting
  • Remember your checks and money


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