Cut Outs For Theme Centerpieces.

We have many centerpiece theme cut outs and decorations for Do It Yourselfers. Each cut out decoration is hand cut from polystyrene and is available in the original white color, detailed (on white), or painted and highlighted.

You can easily paint or glitter our cut outs yourself.  Even personalize them. Each cut out is about 8 to 12 inches high.  Some are available even taller.

W will develop one for you at no additional fee with your order if you do not find an image to fit your centerpiece or party decoration theme, 

For each album on the following pages just click on the picture to display the full album as a slideshow on your screen. The number of pictures per album is shown at the top right in the thumb nail.

Animal Shape Themes
Dolphins, Bears, Horses, Ducks

Baby Shape Themes
Ducks, Trains, Carriages, Trains

Female Sports Themes
Basketball, Tennis, Ballet, Volleyball, Swimming, Skiing, Ballet

Ice Cream Favorites
Ice Cream Cones, Bars, Sundaes, Banana Splits


We Laminate Your Special Photos As Cut Outs
Object Images and Pictures of People

Misc. Theme Shapes
Cars, Palm Trees, Suns, Stars, Hearts

Sports Theme Cut Outs
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer and More

Music and Instruments
Guitars, Pianos, Drums, Notes, Violins, Horns and More

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