Favorite Theater Plays Are Themes For This Bat Mitzvah Party 

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Theater Play Theme Centerpiece - Les Miserables

Theater Play Theme Centerpiece – Les Miserables

A few years ago we did a Bar Mitzvah party celebration for Bradley. Now it was his sister Marnie’s turn to have her Bat Mitzvah party in Skokie, Il.

Marnie’s Mom Eden told me Marnie loves plays. I thought it would be a good idea to use playbills to showcase Marnie’s favorite plays for her Bat Mitzvah party. I designed a playbill for each of Marnie’s favorite plays and a special one to use on the place card sign in board (more about that in a later blog article).

Each Bat Mitzvah centerpiece showcased a different theater play. Pictured above to the left is the centerpiece for Les Miserables. Each of the theater play themed centerpieces had the name of the table printed on both the playbill at the top as well as the on the pennant off the base. This way the guests could easily identify which table they were to be seated at from the place cards.

I printed each theater playbill on paper twice and then laminated each. The two laminated playbills were made for each Bat Mitzvah centerpiece so the front and back of the centerpiece would have the exact same image. After laminating the theater playbills, I glued them onto a piece of polystyrene cut to the size of the playbill.

One end of a wooden dowel was inserted into the bottom of the polystyrene. The other end was inserted into the Styrofoam™ base at the top of a very tall, two level centerpiece. This construction showcased the theater playbill at the very top of the centerpiece where it was the main focal point.

The flexible plastic tube separated the top and bottom bases. The tube was filled with silver shred. Mylar paper poofs and onion grass added color and flair to the each play themed centerpiece.

I made it easier for guests to find their tables by adding a pennant to each Bat Mitzvah centerpiece. I printed the name of the theater play on the pennant along with an image of a clapboard. As a further embellishment, and to balance out the base, I added a comedy tragedy theater masks

This centerpiece is suitable for any event and can be customized for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, rehearsal dinner, anniversary or birthday party as well as any event where custom designed theme centerpieces are used.

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Very Tall Sports Centerpiece Cut Outs For Sports Banquet

Monday, July 27th, 2015
Tall Golf Theme Cut Out Centerpiece

Tall Golf Theme Cut Out Centerpiece

Over the years at A-BnC Parties and More, we have cut probably thousands of cut outs. When Valarie from Southaven, Mississippi, called and asked if we were able to cut very tall sports theme centerpiece cut outs we were eager to accept the challenge. Valerie was doing a sports banquet and she wanted to use the tall sports centerpiece cut outs for this year’s banquet as well as for future banquets.

She asked if we could make 24” tall cut outs. Of course we could!  Besides, cut outs that size are very dramatic.  They command great attention when placed in a centerpiece.

Five Different Sports Centerpiece Cut Outs

Valarie had five sports themes in mind.  She wanted us to make golf, bowling, basketball, cheerleading and baseball cut outs. Of course I said we would be delighted to do them for her. I sent her pictures for approval before we actually made the cut outs for her.

She also asked we paint the tall sports centerpiece cut outs for her. We both agreed painting the cut outs silver would be a great neutral color. Silver coordinates with almost any color theme and the silver paint actually has a nice shine to it when finished.

These tall sports centerpiece cut outs had to be shipped to Valarie which presented a challenge. Of course they had to be shipped and arrive at their destination without breaking. After giving it some thought, I came up with a solution.

I decided to sandwich the tall sports centerpiece cut outs in between two pieces of shipping cardboard and then insert them in a shipping box. This technique not only stopped them from moving around in the box, but also protected them during shipping. It worked out well and the tall centerpiece sports cut outs arrived in perfect condition.

Once Valerie received the tall sports centerpiece cut outs, she mounted them on one of our tall flexible plastic tubes and inserted lights in the tube. You can see for yourself the finished sports theme centerpiece is very dramatic and added a nice presence in the room. Using five different sports gave the party an action feeling and helped guests get into a party mode.

Thanks Valerie for the picture!

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Very Tall Buffet Table or Place Card Bat Mitzvah Centerpiece

Friday, March 20th, 2015
Bat Mitzvah Buffet Centerpiece 01

Halle Bat Mitzvah Buffet Centerpiece

Last weekend we were delighted to do a buffet table centerpiece for Halle’s Bat Mitzvah celebration party in Deerfield, IL. As a note, we actually did the centerpieces for her mother’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Imagine that!!! What an honor.

Both of Halle’s grandmothers came to us to design the centerpiece for the buffet table for their granddaughter. The grandmothers designed and made the centerpieces for the individual tables. But they wanted us to design the buffet table centerpiece for the party.

We talked about what they wanted. Both agreed they wanted something tall. They also knew they wanted to use a logo a their friend had designed for the party. They were using the same logo at various places at the Bat Mitzvah.

The logo had a play on the words “Hall of Fame”. The Bat Mitzvah girl’s name is Halle so the logo incorporated “Hal of Fame”. The logo was designed with the words “Hal of Fame” along with a white softball coming out of the top of the name. The grandmothers wanted the ball to be yellow with red stitching for the buffet centerpiece, which we changed as requested.

The grandmothers also wanted the centerpiece raised so we used two bases on the bottom. This would help raise the centerpiece so it would not be hidden by the food on the buffet table. (They still placed the centerpiece on some milk crates covered with tablecloths.) I made the upper base smaller which gave it a more aesthetically pleasing look. Continue Reading »

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Balloon Columns Were A Slam Dunk For This Bar Mitzvah Party

Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Bar Mitzvah Balloon Column Decoration 01

Bar Mitzvah Balloon Column Decoration

Balloon decorations add color, fun and excitement for any party or event. Sometimes there is a big decision on what type balloon decoration to use around the DJ for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party. Do we choose a balloon arch? Or will simple balloon columns work well?

Such was the case at the Bar Mitzvah party that we did at Ravinia Green Country Club in Riverwoods, Il. The mother, Sandy, could not decide if she wanted an arch by the DJ or a column of balloons on either side of the dance floor.

Balloon columns can add color and balloon excitement on one side of the coin. They do so without taking up too much floor space since balloon columns are compact. The guests who are dancing on the dance floor don’t have to worry about an arch being in their way.

For the designer the balloon column can also be easily constructed using air filled balloons rather than helium. This both reduces the investment for the customer it also saves on depleting the limited helium supplies.

On the other side, an arch can be very dramatic for a wedding reception. The bride and groom can walk through the balloon arch when they are announced at the wedding reception. When we add streamers you now have a dramatic entrance with an element of surprise.

The streamers are relatively easy to add – we tie curling ribbon down from the arch’s supporting wire and curl. This can be single, double and even triple strands of ribbon. We always try to color coordinate the balloons and the ribbons with the theme colors of the event. Continue Reading »

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Bat Mitzvah Hockey Centerpieces Reign At The Sports Forum

Thursday, February 26th, 2015
Bat Mitzvah Hockey Centerpiece 10

Bat Mitzvah Hockey Centerpiece 10

We recently provided decorations for (part of) a B’nei Mitzvah party at the Libertyville Sports Center in Libertyville, Illinois. A brother and sister were celebrating their dual Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah at the event. We provided centerpieces for the tables for the Bat Mitzvah girl, name centerpieces for the kiddush and food tables as well as balloon columns to greet the party guests.

It was a very unique set up since the party was actually held on one of the basketball courts. There was a basketball tournament game played on the very court just an hour or so prior to the Bat Mitzvah party. Many other basketball games were being played at the same time as were several soccer games. We had to wait for all the people to leave the court and the complex people to set up the tables and chairs. Only then could we set up the centerpieces and balloons for the party.

At previous meetings we had discussed what the centerpiece should look like. We designed a centerpiece to reflect decision made at these brainstorming sessions. The centerpiece’s ultimate design focused on custom hockey puck signs the mother of the Bat Mitzvah girl had designed.

We assembled the centerpieces in a storage room while we were waiting for the crowd to disperse from the tournament. We put the custom designed hockey puck at the top of the two level centerpiece. This served as the main focal point of the centerpiece. Continue Reading »

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Reasons Why I Feel Bar Mitzvah Thank Your Notes Are Needed

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Thank You NoteIt is true that gifts celebrating Bar Mitzvah and other events should not be given with the expectation of receiving a thank you in return. However a personalized thank you note is always very nice to receive. In our fast paced world thank you notes are often a very welcome surprise.

A written thank you note is a small token of appreciation for that wedding, shower, anniversary, Bar or Bat Mitzvah as well as a birthday gift. If a gift is sent, a thank you note also serves to notify the giver the gift was actually received.

I do not feel it is not old fashioned to send thank you notes. Rather I feel it is the proper thing to do.

It is only common courtesy to spend a few minutes and respond with a written thank you note. You should acknowledge a person who goes out of their way to pick out a gift they feel that the recipient will like and use. It is certainly not acceptable to wait to see if a check was received is by reviewing bank statement to show the check was deposited and cashed. Continue Reading »

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Name Centerpiece Decorate Bar Mitzvah Party Place Card Table

Saturday, February 14th, 2015
Andrew Place Card Name Centerpiece

Andrew Place Card Name Centerpiece

Today I will tell you about the details determining name centerpiece for a place card table. Let’s first rewind a bit to Sandy’s Bar Mitzvah party which was to be held at Ravinia Green Country Club in Riverwoods, Il.

Sandy had decided on the Wii game theme Bar Mitzvah party centerpieces for her son’s event. She had also decided upon having a custom place card and CD case giveaway based on the same Wii theme to is how guests where they were to be seated. Sandy next decided she would like some additional decorations for her son Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah party place card table as the time drew closer to the event.

Sandy use of CD cases as place cards mounted on Styrofoam bases meant there would be a lot of room on the table for a theme centerpiece. We discussed what Sandy would like on the centerpiece. Although she did not exactly know what she wanted, she did know she wanted her son’s name in glittered Styrofoam letters. That was an excellent choice! Glitter always adds a lot of fun to any centerpiece or event. Continue Reading »

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