I Found The Coolest Scratch Off DIY Table Place Cards

Thursday, December 24th, 2015
Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Courtesy of Something Turquoise

We found the coolest site to make unique custom made diy (do it yourself) place cards for your next party or event. Our friends at Something Turquoise give step-by-step instructions on how you can make a place card yourself.

These cards have a scratch off that reveals the table number where your guests will be seated.

How cool is that?

They even provide all the instructions necessary to make these adorable place cards. Their directions say to use the template they provide. You set up the name of the guest(s) near the top of the card paper and a one inch circle in the middle of the card.

Once printed, you will apply a scratch off circle on the printed one inch circle. These scratch off circles can be obtained at your local office supply store or on Amazon.

You print – “Scratch off” so you can find your table number – at the bottom of the card so your guests can determine where they are to sit.

After you print the set up sheet, cut out the separate place cards and punch a hole at the top of the card. Tie a string through the hole and attach a small washer (get at a hardware, home improvement or general store with a hardware department). The small washer is used by your guests to “scratch off” the circle so they can again find their table number.

This simple, unique place card is so versatile that it can be used for children and adults alike. It would be ideal for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, sports and corporate events, or any party where you will have assigned seating.

For other ideas about custom guest place cards (you do it or we do it for you), please visit our Custom Place Card page.



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Custom Bat Mitzvah Place Cards Designed For A Shopping Theme

Monday, December 7th, 2015
Danielle's Custom Party Place Cards

Danielle’s Custom Party Place Cards

Place cards are a necessity when you have many people attending an event such as a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary party, sports banquet or any other gathering for a special occasion. Place cards help people find their assigned table and allow guests to be seated in an orderly and organized way.

Custom Party Place Cards Coordinate With This Bat Mitzvah Theme

Custom designed place cards are a great way to let your guests know where they will be sitting in addition to being able to coordinate with the theme you have chosen.

In addition to her custom designed centerpieces Marty came to us and wanted custom designed party place cards to match the shopping theme selected for her daughter Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah. It was a fun theme and we were very happy to help custom design her place cards to go along with the shopping theme.

The centerpieces we designed for Marty’s daughter had a different article of clothing or accessory on each party centerpiece a shopper would buy at a store. These included items such as a purse, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

Custom Party Place Cards Can Add Fun To Your Event

We thought it would be fun to put a graphic of an item on the place card. The guests would search for the item on the centerpiece that matched the graphic on their place card. That would indicate the table where they would be sitting. It would be almost like a scavenger hunt!

On the day of Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah the custom party place cards were placed alphabetically on a table. The guests were able to find theirs when they arrived at the party venue. All the guests were led to their table by the graphic on the place card. They were thus able to properly select their assigned table. They thought it was fun looking for their table by an image on the place card rather than having just a number.

You can see samples of other custom party place cards by clicking through to our Custom Guest Place Card page.



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Very Tall Custom Centerpiece Cut Outs for Parties and Events

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
Basketball Dribbler Cut Out

Basketball Dribblers Make Great Tall Custom Cut Outs

We have been making custom designed cut outs for quite a while now. Many, many years to be exact. Recently we were asked to make giant (very tall custom) centerpiece cut outs for a Bar Mitzvah party celebration. It seems that bigger IS much better to some folks.

Our usual custom centerpiece cut outs are about 14” tall or so. However the ones that we are now being asked to produce can be very tall – up to 24” or 30” in height. In some instances they are the actual size of the item and in many instances they are bigger than the item itself.

The Secret To Making A Very Tall Cut Out

There is a secret to making a very tall custom cut out that big. That secret is to make sure the design does not get bigger than the material it is cut from.

We use a material called polystyrene which is a form of Styrofoam®. Polystyrene is more durable than Styrofoam®. It is easier to handle, easier to cut and much less prone to breakage when shipping.

Polystyrene sheets come sized 48” x 14”. Thus whatever very tall custom centerpiece design we are cutting cannot exceed 14” wide. When we layout some designs they fit the polystyrene sheet’s length but are too wide for the width. That’s why long and slender designs work better than those designs that are wide and short.

Very Tall Musical Instrument, Ballet and Dance Cut Outs

Ballerina Cut Out 01

Ballerina Pose Which Makes A Good Very Tall Custom Cut Out

The very tall custom centerpiece cut outs we were asked to produce for this particular celebration were musical instruments. A trumpet, keyboard, clarinet, violin and an oboe were not a problem. However a guitar was a little trickier since it is wide at the bottom.

We did another party – this time a Bat Mitzvah celebration – featuring very tall 30” ballerina cut outs. Only certain poses of ballet dancers can be used because many of the poses are also too wide for the polystyrene. Poses where the ballet dancer has her hands in the air are the best. In this case the cut out was painted and the tutu highlighted and glittered to make a fantastic centerpiece cut out.

Recently we were asked if we could make 24” dance shoes and ballet shoe cut outs. Of course our answer was “Yes”.

Very tall custom centerpiece cut outs can be produced from almost any image. You can provide us with the image, or we can find one for you. Custom centerpiece cut outs are only limited by your imagination. If you can imagine it, we can turn it into a custom centerpiece cut out to highlight your next party or event.

See more examples (designs) of our custom centerpiece cut outs.

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Chicago Blackhawks Theme For Bar Mitzvah Hockey Centerpieces

Sunday, November 1st, 2015
Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Centerpiece 01

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Centerpiece 01

Sports teams make great themes for centerpieces for Bar Mitzvahs or Bat Mitzvahs party celebrations. It is even better when they happen to be a winning team. The Chicago Blackhawks are a winning team and a much sought after theme for centerpieces after having won last year’s Stanley Cup

We recently did a Chicago Blackhawks’ theme for a Bar Mitzvah celebration party in Evanston, Illinois. Marlee and her son, Jake came to us for centerpieces for Jake’s Bar Mitzvah. Jake is a great Chicago Blackhawks fan and wanted the team and the Stanley Cup to be the theme for his Bar Mitzvah.

We brainstormed as to what the centerpiece would look like. We came up with custom made hockey sticks and a Blackhawk pennant highlighting the team colors of red and black. (See upper left.)

We left the Styrofoam base unpainted to simulate the ice on a hockey rink. Red and black ribbons down the middle of the “ice” depicted the zones. The bottom base was shaped to somewhat resemble a hockey rink.

A hockey player cut out and of course a Stanley Cup trophy cut out were great theme additions and prominently displayed on the centerpiece.

I made a sample centerpiece. Marlee and Jake came to see it. They liked the centerpiece as presented to them and asked for no additions or changes. This is the centerpiece that Jake would have for his Bar Mitzvah.

When Marlee and Jake came to view the sample hockey centerpiece they also decided there should be two special centerpieces for the room. These would be where they kids would eat their lunch.

Flexible Plastic Tube Raises The Centerpiece Height

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Centerpiece 02

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Centerpiece 02

We designed a centerpiece to coordinate with the original centerpiece. We just made it taller. I used a flexible plastic tube to raise a smaller base above the bottom base. Larger hockey player cut outs and Stanley Cup trophy cut outs were used to adorn the bottom bases. A larger custom designed Blackhawks’ pennant was used for the top of the tall centerpiece.

Jake did wonderfully at his Bar Mitzvah and everyone loved the centerpieces. Marlee said that people were asking to take the centerpieces home. That is music to our ears and a goal we strive for with each party we help our friends celebrate.

Check out our other Web site pages for more ideas on custom party centerpieces and for our do it yourself centerpieces.

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Custom Monkey Cut Out Is A Party Centerpiece Event Topper

Monday, October 12th, 2015
Monkey Centerpiece Cut Out

Monkey Centerpiece Cut Out

As experienced, professional centerpiece creators, we are always looking for new and innovative ideas for custom event centerpieces. If it is time to plan your son’s or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah or even a baby shower or birthday party, you know that deciding the theme can be very daunting. I was dreaming of something different as a focal point of a custom centerpiece and thought how cool it would be to have a monkey cut out on a centerpiece.

Ironically, Michelle came to see us about custom centerpieces for her daughter’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah party celebration. She was very thrilled when I suggested the monkey themed cut out as her daughter is an avid animal lover. She especially loves monkeys!

We designed the Bat Mitzvah centerpiece with a bottom and top base connected by one of our flexible plastic tubes. The monkey cut out (as pictured) was mounted on a wooden dowel. The other end of the dowel was inserted and glued into the top base. Mylar paper poofs were placed on both the bottom and top bases to add color and hide the mechanics of the centerpiece.

The centerpieces had different monkey cut outs on them and place cards to match. Monkey names such as squirrel, spider, saki, howler, snub nosed, colobus and the adorable and the popular pet pygmy marmoset. Each centerpiece had a sign with the name of that special monkey and the place card had the matching name. Guests had fun matching the name on their place card to the name on the centerpiece. It was like a scavenger hunt!

Michelle was very happy with her monkey centerpieces and delighted in the fact that it was different from the other parties and celebrations her friends had in the past.

We at A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. can custom cut any design you can envision for a custom centerpiece cut out to highlight your party celebration. These cut outs carry through your message or theme at your event. We delight in offering suggestions as well as cutting new shapes we have never cut out before. We are excited to hear what your cut out ideas are for your next party or event custom themed centerpieces.

Remember there is never an extra fee for new prototype custom cut outs provided you meet our minimum order requirement. As always, every cut out we produce is available in standard white, detailed, painted or detailed and painted. For more details and pricing, visit our main custom cut outs page or the animal theme cut outs page.

You can also visit our flexible plastic tubes centerpiece page which shows applications.

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Custom Just Add Sand Hockey Centerpiece Was Ideal For Event

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Sometimes you need a centerpiece that is small rather than one that is large and takes up a lot of room on the party table. Our “Just Add Sand Centerpiece” fits the description.

Shown below and to the left is the actual base for Max’s Just Add Sand Centerpiece.  To the right is a Just Add Sand Hockey Centerpiece with a white hockey player cut out in another mylar paper (theme) color and onion grass as a final touch.

Just Add Sand Centerpiece Base

Just Add Sand Centerpiece Base

DIY Hockey Player Just Add Sand Centerpiece Kit

DIY Hockey Player Just Add Sand Centerpiece Kit

Gayle wanted a centerpiece that would show case her son’s love of hockey. The “Just Add Sand Hockey Centerpiece” was the ideal choice. It is small enough to not be obtrusive on the party event table. It was also impressive enough to carry through the hockey theme of the celebrant’s party.

Gayle and her son Max came to our showroom to see the options available to them for her son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration. Both Gayle and her son were quite pleased with their choice. Max was happy it had a hockey player on the centerpiece. Gayle was delighted with the economical investment.

We used mylar paper in their theme colors at the bottom of the centerpiece. The hockey player polystyrene cut out was painted in the team colors.

We also talked about using a picture of Max on the centerpiece. However, Max was shy about having his picture displayed throughout the party room.

On the day of Max’s Bar Mitzvah we delivered the centerpieces while Max and his family were at his Bar Mitzvah service. The entire family was quite overwhelmed when they entered the room and say how wonderful the centerpieces looked on the tables.

The “Just Add Sand Hockey Centerpiece” was ideal for Gayle and Max. It filled their needs and can deliver economically for you as well.

It’s simply a great solution when a small centerpiece is needed, you want to show case a certain sport cut out or even a picture of the celebrant in action or you are on a limited budget. It is ideal for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday, wedding, wedding rehearsal, sports banquet, or any other party event event or celebration you might have coming up.

Our website has a variety of sports and other cut outs that would work very nicely on this centerpiece or you can provide a picture of your own and we can turn it into a custom laminated cut out for you. Your options are endless.

For kit details and cost, as well as other ideas, go to our Just Add Centerpiece Kits page.

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Great Sign In Board For Bat Mitzah Girl’s Party Celebration

Monday, August 10th, 2015
Marnie Bat Mitzvah Sign In Board

Marnie Bat Mitzvah Sign In Board

A sign in board (to the left) is for guests to sign their names and add a message or words of praise for the Bat Mitzvah (or Bar Mitzvah) celebrant. Colored ribbon and theme related items are often added to the sign in board. Balloons and other embellishments can be as well.

A sign in board is a great remembrance of a wonderful event and the guests who actually attended the party. It is nice to look at the names of the people who signed the sign in board. This can take you back in time to the party so you recall the great time that was had by all.

Marnie (see Theater Play Centerpiece article) and her mom decided they wanted a sign in board for Marnie’s Bat Mitzvah celebration party. They decided Marnie’s sign in board would be made from a 30” x 40” foam core board.

Smaller versions of the playbills used on the centerpieces were placed sporadically around the sign in board. I placed colored ribbon around the perimeter of the board. The colors coordinated with the event’s theme and centerpiece colors.

I attached two pens to the sign in board. This was for the convenience of the guests when they chose to sign the board. I attached the pens to the sign in board with color coordinating ribbons. Thus the pens were readily available for guests’ use.

The sign in board was displayed on an easel and placed close to the place cards. This way guests could take their place cards and sign the sign in board in one location.

What to do with the sign in board after the Bat Mitzvah is always a dilemma. Where should it be placed? Is it best to be displayed in the living area of the house or in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s bedroom? Most of the time it is found in both of these places before it finds its way to the basement. Even years after the event, a sign in board can bring back fond memories.

This sign in board is suitable for any event and can be customized for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, anniversary, birthday party or any event where you wish to use a sign in board.

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