Very Tall Custom Centerpiece Cut Outs for Parties and Events

Basketball Dribbler Cut Out

Basketball Dribblers Make Great Tall Custom Cut Outs

We have been making custom designed cut outs for quite a while now. Many, many years to be exact. Recently we were asked to make giant (very tall custom) centerpiece cut outs for a Bar Mitzvah party celebration. It seems that bigger IS much better to some folks.

Our usual custom centerpiece cut outs are about 14” tall or so. However the ones that we are now being asked to produce can be very tall – up to 24” or 30” in height. In some instances they are the actual size of the item and in many instances they are bigger than the item itself.

The Secret To Making A Very Tall Cut Out

There is a secret to making a very tall custom cut out that big. That secret is to make sure the design does not get bigger than the material it is cut from.

We use a material called polystyrene which is a form of Styrofoam®. Polystyrene is more durable than Styrofoam®. It is easier to handle, easier to cut and much less prone to breakage when shipping.

Polystyrene sheets come sized 48” x 14”. Thus whatever very tall custom centerpiece design we are cutting cannot exceed 14” wide. When we layout some designs they fit the polystyrene sheet’s length but are too wide for the width. That’s why long and slender designs work better than those designs that are wide and short.

Very Tall Musical Instrument, Ballet and Dance Cut Outs

Ballerina Cut Out 01

Ballerina Pose Which Makes A Good Very Tall Custom Cut Out

The very tall custom centerpiece cut outs we were asked to produce for this particular celebration were musical instruments. A trumpet, keyboard, clarinet, violin and an oboe were not a problem. However a guitar was a little trickier since it is wide at the bottom.

We did another party – this time a Bat Mitzvah celebration – featuring very tall 30” ballerina cut outs. Only certain poses of ballet dancers can be used because many of the poses are also too wide for the polystyrene. Poses where the ballet dancer has her hands in the air are the best. In this case the cut out was painted and the tutu highlighted and glittered to make a fantastic centerpiece cut out.

Recently we were asked if we could make 24” dance shoes and ballet shoe cut outs. Of course our answer was “Yes”.

Very tall custom centerpiece cut outs can be produced from almost any image. You can provide us with the image, or we can find one for you. Custom centerpiece cut outs are only limited by your imagination. If you can imagine it, we can turn it into a custom centerpiece cut out to highlight your next party or event.

See more examples (designs) of our custom centerpiece cut outs.

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2 Responses to “Very Tall Custom Centerpiece Cut Outs for Parties and Events”

  1. Sharlene Baker Says:

    Hi. I am making table sign centerpieces for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. We’re doing a sweets theme and every table is going to be different from the next. Such tables are cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, movies, s’mores, candied apples, carnival, etc. I wanted to do something with the plastic tubes. Do you have any suggestions how to make a sign or do you sell sign kits? they’re very hard to find. Thank you.

  2. Judy Says:

    Hi Sharlene,

    Thanks so much for contacting us. We have done a candy theme centerpiece and for the sign we printed out a sign on our computer and mounted it on styrofoam. For another party we used the services of a printing place such as Staples, Office Depot, etc. We used the Tall Jersey centerpiece kit and mounted the sign on the top. This link shows the centerpiece on our website The tubes are also available by themselves in any size you would like. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks again.


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